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In my members area there are authentic photos of me wearing sexy, glamorous, classic, vintage lingerie & stockings. But never will this lady appear in anything less than her scanties.

(I can’t exactly call my dainties “unmentionables” for we likely will mention them a lot! *giggle*)

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When Breasts Get Attenion

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a comment found at a Sydney escorts website — but, apparently, what I said in that post about breasts (escort & otherwise), has created some apprehension, if not outright confusion!

Let me simplify things for you:

Yes, yes, yes! My breasts do enjoy attention — in and out of lingerie! But, as I said, there are times and places where such attention is not desired or even warranted. Yet you needn’t worry about whether or not it is appropriate to give my breasts attention when I’m your fun phone escort; if we have a phone date, I’m totally in the mood for that!

However, as risque at that other site of mine is, I don’t dare get too naughty there… Including because I save all my intimate discussion for folks I know are legal age. So if you want to know more about me and my big breasts (and the lingerie which surrounds them) you know what to do… *wink*