Welcome to my little lavender boudoir. Come sit down on the tufted lavender satin fainting couch… We can chat while I finish getting dressed. Or perhaps undressed.

In my members area there are authentic photos of me wearing sexy, glamorous, classic, vintage lingerie & stockings. But never will this lady appear in anything less than her scanties.

(I can’t exactly call my dainties “unmentionables” for we likely will mention them a lot! *giggle*)

For more about me, see my lingerie blog, A Slip Of A Girl.

Thanks for visiting, and have a slippity-do-da day!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Fabulous start, and a great idea. One hesitant suggestion…which you know already….never let any photo show your face. That adds immensely to the appeal! But you knew this long ago….

  2. Yes, the slow light bulb is starting to realize that there are professional and well as personal reasons not to illustrate the face. After all, a girl does need her mystery.

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