Holiday Wishes

‘Tis the season to pamper me, please. If you’ve spoken to me recently, you likely know the specific little things I’m dreaming of… We share our dreams and desires with one another, do we not?

If you haven’t spoken with me recently — and don’t think you will soon (she said pouting), you ought to at least remember that this woman loves silky things, clouds of vintage nylon chiffon, frilly bits, lacy bobs, things with feminine swings… Now that winter is here, with all it’s terrible frigid and arid environments creating skin-drying horrors, this girl is more in need than ever of pretty smelling lotions and potions! Ooh, that reminds me — I adore being treated to massages at my local salon!

However, this lingerie-loving girl also has her intellectual side too. If you’d like to touch that side of me, contact me to see what I’m looking for this year.

PS Additional ideas for the sensual side of me are here. A girl always needs new stockings. And who doesn’t love sparkly things? *wink*

PPS This time of year, scheduling our special time together is more important that ever. Please contact me to arrange our phone date as soon as possible so that you won’t be left out in the cold all alone!

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