In Case You Miss Me This Holiday

While this slip of a girl does try to make herself as available as possible, there’s only one of me to go around (and around, and around — I do love twirling my nighties!). This can make scheduling our special time together difficult, especially at holiday time. I am sorry about that. But I do have an option for you!

For those times when a call cannot be squeaked in, and for those of you who simply want a quick connection, I now offer confessions via email!



Welcome to my little lavender boudoir. Come sit down on the tufted lavender satin fainting couch… We can chat while I finish getting dressed. Or perhaps undressed.

In my members area there are authentic photos of me wearing sexy, glamorous, classic, vintage lingerie & stockings. But never will this lady appear in anything less than her scanties.

(I can’t exactly call my dainties “unmentionables” for we likely will mention them a lot! *giggle*)

For more about me, see my lingerie blog, A Slip Of A Girl.

Thanks for visiting, and have a slippity-do-da day!

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